While listening to the Sea-inspired Classical Music playlist, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander. As I began to realize I was doing so, I found myself drawing parrelels between the old briny deep and the human mind. Call it my recent endeavors into Lovecraft’s work, or just an inate fascination with the ocean that I feel we all share, but I was on a voyage. 

As the music in the playlist bounced from soft, serene woodwinds to louder, chaotic brass, there was an ominous feeling to all of it. There was something that I couldn’t quite place. While my knowledge of classical music and music theory in general could be considered basic, I’ve heard my fair share. Some pieces could have been considered somewhat predictable, but many more could not be classified as such. This back and forth reminded me so much of the sea. 

While we understand various aspects of the human brain, there are so many more questions that we cannot answer. The very same can be said of the sea. Between the various moutian ranges found underneath it, and deep sea biological life, we have some idea on how these things work and how they came about, but we are not completely in the know. The same could be said about different aspects of the human psyche. Things like consciousness and dreaming are components of our minds we do not fully understand. We attempt to explore these ideas in order to understand them through psychology, just as we take to the sea by boat or submarine. Humans seem to be on a quest to understand the great unknown. Whether it be the sea, outer space or the human psyche, we yearn for the knowledge in which we have not yet obtained. 

For me, it’s the darker depths of the unknown that intrigue me. What lies deep under the sea and what waits in space for us to discover. This pursuit of knowledge is something I find all humans share. We continue to explore this planet as fervently as ever. 

Maybe that’s what draws some of us to the sea. Maybe yearning to understand such a vast, and sometimes mysterious, landscape mirrors our pursuit to better understand ourselves. Just as we can find beauty in the ocean, we can find darkness and danger just as easily. The same can be said of any human being. 

Our neverending pursuit of knowledge and understanding is something that makes human beings so special I suppose. I guess that’s my point?

I don’t think this journey will ever end, and I don’t think anyone would like it to. 

Thanks for sticking around. 

Go explore and love every minute of it. 

I love you,